If you’re looking for the best places in the U.S. for riding your UTV, Side by Side or 2x2 check out this list of some of our favorites. Most people would agree these locations will give you a hell of a ride, and a time that you won’t soon forget.

There are very few things that beat touring the world with your motorcycle. The freedom it gives heightened adventure and experiencing the beauty of nature from another perspective is just thrilling. These are things that you could never get to experience while inside a car. Below are some of the motorcycle must-ride destinations in the U.S.



Las Vegas Outskirts 

What better way to see and experience the Las Vegas Strip than to go there with your motorcycle? You could use the highways 167 and 169 that connect the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. They will give you a stunning view of this fantastic city. However, you should avoid the winter months since the temperatures at the moment are near-freezing and could deter your ride. You can use the city as your base camp since there are many amenities and natural attractions. Also, note that the speed limits at the Valley of Fire National Park are very low and the law enforcement there is very active, hence, avoid very high speeds.


Northwest Passage Scenic Byway

It was initially known as the Lewis & Clark Highway. It offers around 200 miles of non-stop view of nature that you will love. It has mountains, canyons, and even waterways. To ensure that you get the whole experience, follow the U.S route 12 from the State line of Washington. Here, the hotels are very few, and far between; hence, it is good to book in advance. Do not leave without visiting the Nez Perce National Historic Park that is at Spalding to see the museum and research center located there.


Zion National Park

You get the best of both worlds by visiting this area. Not only does it have the national park as its main attraction but has incredible landmarks surrounding it such as the Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon. It has three official campsites that you can camp in to get the raw experience and experience nature at its best.


The Black Hills

While en route, you can pay a visit to Mt. Rushmore. After that, you could get on to South Dakota Highway 67 and get to see the fantastic sites on the way such as the Wind Cave National Park. This route will also take you to the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial and the huge Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. You could also observe critters in their natural habitat by visiting Prairie Dog Town.


 Hudson Valley

It is about one and a half hours outside of Manhattan. It offers 80 miles of the fantastic scenery of the Hudson River. You will also be able to see quaint villages and incredible restaurants. This valley goes all the way from Yonkers to Albany. You will run out of hotels to choose from since they are quite a number of them with incredible views and also hiking trails.


Idaho Grand Loop

It is an epic route that spans around 2500 miles. It originates from Salt Lake City and passes through some fantastic places such as Utah and Washington. It has stellar stretches such as the Washington Route 129 and the Beartooth Highway. It is very long which offers an opportunity for you to see the vast sceneries and how beautiful nature is. The route can be tackled in around eight days which is an adventure for any motorist that loves to explore.


Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Loop that is 142 miles, goes through Yellowstone, and you will be able to see some of the best things about this area such as Fountain Pots, Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful. Keep an eye out for wildlife since you may cross paths with some of them wandering onto the road. To make it even more interesting, break your loop into several stops to make the experience better.


Million Dollar Highway

This breath-taking highway runs from Silverton to Ouray. It uses the U.S Route 550 that is 233 miles. The winter months should be avoided entirely to prevent accidents. As you tackle the twisties on this route, be 100% careful.


The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Village is a place that should not be missed. If you want a quieter experience away from the crowds, you could head over to the North Rim. You can camp here if you love the outdoors or book a room at the Grand Canyon Lodge in advance since it usually is packed, all year round.


Mackinac Island

You will need to take Michigan M-119 to Harbour springs and leave your bike at the docks of Mackinaw City to get to the island. You will then take a ferry and unwind at the spectacular peninsula.

There are some places that you can never get wrong, and adding a motorcycle to this makes it more adventurous. So, hop onto your bike and prepare yourself for the ultimate ride. You will indeed love it.

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