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Thank you for choosing Rye N Shine (RNS) as your go-to provider for your UTV parts needs. At RNS we are dedicated to bringing you only the highest quality strong and lasting UTV parts that will increase your fun as well as your safety while you’re out having fun on whatever kind of terrains you like to ride. Although we currently focus on parts designed for Polaris rZr UTVs, not only can we make custom parts, we also sell many universal products that can be used for other brands as well. Be sure to check out our site and bookmark us for your future needs.

UTV Accessories

Along with all the basic parts, you’ll need we carry a full array of UTV accessories and clothing for all types of UTV enthusiasts from weekend warriors who like to ride with the family, to competitive* UTV racers. Be sure to check out the extensive line of UTV accessories we manufacture at RNS. When you’re looking to 1-up your ride, you’re going to want to take a look at our signature “White Lightning” rods and rod kits with a full line of awesome gussets in your choice of color and designs. When it comes to bags, beanies, caps, hoodies, and more, we’ve got you covered in style with custom RNS designs.

Side by Side Parts

Our Side by Side parts (also referred to as SXS parts) are not only chosen and built for their strength and longevity but also because they enhance the performance of your vehicle and looks so darn good as well. When you’re looking for custom side by side parts for your UTV, ROV, of MOHUV make sure to check out our growing list of products. You’ll want to join our mailing list as well for update and specials.

Aftermarket UTV Parts

At RNS our aftermarket UTV parts and accessories are a cut above the rest because we focus on providing the highest quality and the safest products you can buy. Although there may be some off brand aftermarket parts available out there, for the sake of safety and longevity we always suggest you stick with quality products from known brands.

Best Side by Side UTV Aftermarket Parts

As avid UTV users ourselves we know just what you want and need when you’re looking for the best Side by Side UTV aftermarket parts and accessories. That’s why we have teamed up with the best manufacturers in the industry, but we also painstakingly develop and manufacture the best products for you. And if you’re looking for something custom made, we’re the people you want to contact. Hop over to our contact page and give us a holler if you have any requests you’d like us to make for you.

Why Trust RNS UTV Parts and Accessories

Do you currently own and operate a UTV for family fun? Maybe you own a small fleet of UTV vehicles for your farm or business? Perhaps you have one that you personally own that needs small repairs. You will need a source for parts and accessories that can provide replacement parts or upgrades -- one who will even help you do these repairs at an affordable cost if your in our area. You could be replacing your shocks, wheels, or smaller components that you could only get from a specialty UTV supplier. You can feel confident to order you parts online from RNS. We make many of our own unique parts right in our USA plant, and also sell for some of he best names in the industry.

Depending upon the type of Utility Terrain Vehicle that you own, you may find it difficult to find a quality provider for these parts online or in your local community. However, if you live in Nashville, or specifically in the community of Columbia, you should consider obtaining these parts from Rye N Shine, LLC. Here is an overview of our company and why you should consider RNS for every UTV part that you need.

Overview of Rye N Shine, LLC

RNS is a business that provides only the highest quality UTV parts in the industry. We recognize that these vehicles can be put through a substantial amount of activity and duress. You will need to replace certain parts and accessories over time if you use this vehicle quite often. We offer side-by-side parts, aftermarket UTV parts, many of which come from name-brand manufacturers. Trying to purchase these products from other vendors might be problematic in regard to finding the exact part that you require. Not sue of what you need of if you've chosen the right part? Contact us by E-mail or give us a call. We have people standing by to help.

Different Parts That You May Need

Although we specialize in parts and accessories for Polaris RZR, the parts that we have available will aklo provide you with components for UTVs from Arctic Cats, Honda, John Deere, Kawasaki and more. Whether you own a Can-AM Maverick, a Polaris Ranger, or one of the top models from Yamaha, we will have many items that you will require. We can also custom manufacture a part you may need. You may own a Kawasaki Mule that you are using daily, or a Polaris RZR. Simply search through our website to look at our products including performance parts, custom parts, and the many accessories that we have available. We have Kryptonite, Turbo Hoses, and BoonDocker components as well. We offer bash plates, gusset plates, and roll bars that you may need. We even have brake line kits and turbo cut out exhaust components that are priced affordably

Other Parts and Accessories That We Have Available

We have many other parts that you may be interested in including  "Rock N Tree" bars specifically designed for the Polaris RzR. We also have custom Himes parts including Left Right components for the Polaris you TVs, and a number of accessories including canisters and 4 foot LED whips as well. You can find out how much these cost by calling us directly, or by going to our website where you can easily see how much the components are. You will likely find the exact parts that you need, as well as every accessory that you may need to invest in for your UTV that you drive every day.

RNS Custom Parts and Accessories:

Here at RNS we manufacture our own line of quality parts for UTV. We provide new and unique products that you simply cannot find anywhere else. We also make custom parts to order when requested. All of our parts are made in the US by US craftsmen and technicians.

How To Obtain Parts from RNS

The easiest way for you to buy parts and accessories from RNS is to do so through our site. You can also obtain parts by contacting our company directly by phone at 931-223-8357 in Columbia Tennessee. We are located on Industrial Park Road in Columbia if you would like to stop by to speak to use. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service, and will likely have the exact component that you are looking for at very reasonable prices. It's also possible to contact us by email through our contact form, or by clicking and information link on a product in which you have an interest. Once you have found the exact parts that you need, you can place your order. If you have questions we can answer them. Most products that do not have to manufactured will likely be shipped out the same day to your location.

If you have not been able to find a reliable source for Utility Terrain Vehicle components, you should contact our business today. Rye N Shine, LLC has been providing UTV parts for enthusiasts across the nation, and has built a reputation for doing their best to accommodate the needs of people just like you. Whether you are a novice just starting out, or if you use your UTV in competitions, you will be able to find exactly what you need to purchase. Contact our friendly representatives today by phone, or simply stop by our place of business, to find out why so many people trust Rye N Shine, LLC for their UTV parts and components needs.

Our UTV Parts and Accessory Brands:

In an effort to bring you the best in UTV parts and accessories we currently provide parts from the following quality manufacturers.

Factor 55:

We are proud to carry and offer a large selection of Factor 55 Ultrahook, Prolink, Flatlink, Crosby Shackles and more.


We not only carry BoonDocker products for delivery to your door but for those of you in our area we can install them in our shop as well.


We carry Kryptonite products because they make some of the strongest replacement parts on the market. When it comes to tie rods you be hard pressed to find any that are stronger than what Kryptonite produces.


When it comes to silicone hoses, you’d be hard pressed to find better quality than the hoses we sell. We also sell a complete selection of couplers and transition hoses that will stand up to the extreme off-road conditions you’re going to face on your UTV.


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*Link: GNCracing UTV Rules