RNS Turbo Heat Blanket for Polaris RZR

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 13.0000IN
Product Width: 10.0000IN
Product Height: 4.0000IN
Product Weight: 1.0000LB
Units in box: 1
COOL YOUR SNAIL with RNS Turbo Heat Blanket for Polaris RZR

Cool Your Snail


RNS Turbo Heat Blanket for Polaris RZR

Turbo blankets go above and beyond when it comes to heat tolerance and durability.  The inner layer of the turbo blanket can handle over 2500 degrees Fahrenheit of direct heat.  The blankets are made with high quality 1 inch thick 6-pound density ceramic insulation material and covered with a silicone based outer shell that is colored either Black, Red, Blue, Lava, Chrome, or Gray. Since vibration on a turbocharger is inevitable, we have created a more durable design.  Turbo blankets feature a knitted wire mesh inner layer that separates the insulation material from the turbocharger housing, greatly increasing durability and reducing breakdown.

Installing a Turbo blanket will cut down up to 80% of direct heat emitted from your turbocharger.  In turn this will allow the turbo to spool faster and be more efficient, cools for more horsepower, and less fatigue on back right shock.